HFT – Requiem for the American Retail Trader

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2016)

HFT – Requiem for the American Retail Trader

HFT – Requiem for the American (Retail Trader) Dream (Chomsky)


A newsletter subscriber like you sent their story in about being an automated retail forex trader trying to compete against high frequency trading operators. He also gives a ‘requiem’ of his experience with the more sophisticated automated/algorithmic traders out there. I would strongly recommend you to read this as we move into this type of trading. You really don’t want to get displaced like the less sophisticated traders out there.


Read this person’s story here https://quantlabs.net/blog/2016/07/hft-requiem-for-the-american-retail-trader-dream-chomsky/

My C++ Python hedging for optimal futures trading returns


Late last week I posted some introductory posting on options trading with C++. Remember this language is the second fastest after Assembler which will be faster frequency needs. Check out this video but there will be source code available for this exact topic. It will be part of our next Phase of my Futures/Options strategy which start getting taught live in a few months.


Check this articles out video here quantlabs.net/blog/2016/06/my-c-python-hedging-for-optimal-futures-trading-returns/


Kelly Criterion video playback has been posted. This is the last step of my Equity Pair Trading/Strategy in Python. Guess what? As you know, this entire section will be removed in a few days. This includes all Python source code and video references will vanish forever!


Time is ticking and you can no longer wait.


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