Dear HFT register … from human trader

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2016)

Dear HFT register … from human trader

From a despondent newsletter subscriber?

Dear HFT resister, your resistance to human us-similation would be funny, if you didn’t propagate such needless tragedies.

From this:

Dear Human Trader: 

This was posted on my Facebook page


Shall I cry or shall I laugh? Technology changes everything and at the pace of change, it will get worst. Very very worst for any human caveman trader or as I call soon to be a fossil. Remember, it is the way of by the dodo. I have been effected by technology in my old publishing business. I moved on so you should to.

Remember something like 60-80% of all trading volume in driven by electronic trading but HFT represents a good chunk of that. Retail brokers are barely hanging on. Remember them? Why do you think brokers like Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade like Think Or Swim are growing like weeds.

With the recent ‘Flash Boys’ book, it seems that everyone seems to think HFT is the answer. It ain’t! You will watch the movie soon from the author. I wonder who will play lead actor to get an Academy Award? I am taking bets now.

Brexit event could wipe you? Ask George Soros who recently said we could be on another financial crisis….

Guys and gals (this was added for political correctness) like me are not your enemy. It is you who are your own enemy! Get over it. Remember 2008? How many ‘retail traders’ who don’t get automated trading who got wiped out? You seriously think the recent Chinese market meltdown will save you? Markets don’t care about your portfolio or if you are losing! What happens if you could foresee the risk in an automated way? Change yourself from within. Conform to the new technical challenges you face. As the Borg say: “Resistance is Future, you will be assimilated!”

The Borg Video Here


This is what you face. I work 15+ hour days to help people who want join the next revolution in trading! HFT potential is here no matter what Michael Lewis wants you to believe. With my recent Redis NOSQL benchmark tests, I see no reason why it cannot happen! As this video showcases your options:

Looney Tunes”If You Can’t Beat ‘Em Join ‘Em” video here

See you on the other side?

Was that a yes? Go here if so! 

PPS. I already know about my cruddy typing and sentence structure. It makes me world famous donchyaknow.

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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