People respond to Billioniare hedge Fund Steve Cohen say how he can’t find young talent

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2016)

People respond to Billioniare hedge Fund Steve Cohen say how he can’t find young talent

People react to my email correspondence of:

Billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen can’t find young talent



Are you aware of any person that has set up a hedge fund ?



Ain’t that corrupt?  Ie, algorithmically susceptible to guerrilla sociotechnics?




I react quickly to your message , quite Amazing Guy , Yeah new Talents on Hedge funds are quite rare , as i explained to you that the news trends are moving towards  to the duality concepts of Software and Hardware  Tandem logics Business core , nowadays , for sure it takes times to persuade people about it , but in long term perspectives the general convergence thought will be glued totally and well fetched in a such unavoidable new way of thinking , everywhere people understood advanced Maths Equations,Statistics and so on , that is well admitted  by several People within the Trading circles  Corporation Business logic since , but few of them are concerning and paying attention of my vision , fundamentally , this vision took root from my own observation, , i was a former RFics Engineer ,


….so Guy , my approach is to develop my argument above about this Tandem , most of Moderns or old Traders do not have a large knowledge on Electronics Components especially Processors and they are focused only on Mathematics Computations from Matlab , Python Algos , BUT THE REALITY IN OUR MODERN TIME TODAY IS  WELL DOMINATED BY THE POWER OF MULTI THREAD TECHNIQUES WHICH  OVERRIDE ENTIRELY THAT OLD VISION OF THINGS !!!!!!



So , this a quick message , because your Post strikes  me too much Great Bryan , this is only my Vision, and not necessarily my IMPOSING STYLE to tell People , that i am right about BUT SEVERAL PEOPLE FOCUSED ON SCALA LANGUAGE ESPECIALLY ORIENTED ON WRITING  ALGOS FOR TRADING WOULD  NOT CONTRADICT MY VISION , so Guy , i will leave for a while , because i should continue my Hard Work on my Platform , AND TAKE CARE GUY , AND WE’LL TALK MORE SOON OK

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