New Quant Elite Analytics service coming soon

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2016)

New Quant Elite Analytics service coming soon

AS I stated a while ago, I want to get out of technical education next month. I don’t think I will make that but it may be a few months after. When my new trading analytics system is completed, I will be in a stage to totally remove ALL technical with programming, video demos, source code, etc will be permanently removed. 

A couple of reasons, I am bored of teaching it over the last 5+ years.  Also, this learning space has gotten so cutthroat that it is pretty well saturated. Too many players including cloud solutions are really bringing down the quality of the potential results which turn it into quick rick scheme crap. Also, people want everything for free so consider me out. It ain’t worth it and fun no more. Just look at at my 100+ questions on my FAQ section or 1200+ videos.  I am also finding people are really lazy. They are not truly motivated as they need to be. They just want to be spoon fed to be on the quick path to riches. Guess what? It don’t exist. If it did, many would be posting their track record of their platform, academy, teachings or whatever. I have not yet seen this so it tells what they offer is pure crap! I think this builds credibility which should be front and centre on your website! I have on the bottom left of my site on every page my Quantcast metrics for now. When I get trading, this will be an important factor in my next phase of this site.


Where do I go?

As said, I will be building out a completely ‘reset’ of my analytics access in my next Quant Elite membership. I have not given full thought of this but when I approach the completion of this system, I will detail you. As explained in the past, this C++/Python trading system is being taught currently in rudimentary stages. Our first stage with the global equities on arbitrage/pair trading will be removed in 2 weeks. Get more details on the phases of this course series here. 

After that, I will be removing EVERYTHING as I move into this next phase of my site’s ‘trading’ development. My next phase will reveal my not talking about the coding of this system anymore so don’t try at that point. It goes into major dark mode! You may think that this is risky for my future but I say BS to that. My current target market is a small slice of the total target market of more traders interested in this next phase. I can tell you out of the 15000+ in my social media, 800+ unique visitors, + 5000+ on my newsletter, over 75% are active traders with small amount of technical knowledge that they need to fulfill my initial teachings to be a self sufficient automated trading operation.


You have less than 15 days to acquire everything out of the Equities Pair Trading/Arbitrage phase which includes the source code. After that in coming months, everything else technical will be removed. When I say everything, I mean everything vanishes FOR-EVA!  Only my daily trading signals and analytics will remain. Also, I will be hand picking some of the best traders I know of to be part of this exciting community of the future. You know who you are so expect something from me!

Bye bye monthly option…PAYPAL made me do it

Yes the $97 MONTHLY OPTION will vanish this week! I can no longer support the lower end of this market. I will let the other ‘competitors’ serve that market. I will also lower the HUGE GENEROUS offering on my 6 month and 24 bonus extras as well. Everyone in my current membership should not be affected but expect a final warning later in the week on these announcements.

P.S. Don’t worry that this new service will be very affordable from the get go. If you want to the source code to this new system and other legacy code that will be part of it, it will get more expensive as time marches on before it’s final removal.

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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