MIT Startup: Develop smarter lower latency HFT hedge fund

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2016)

MIT Startup: Develop smarter lower latency HFT system

Over the last few years there has been a crazy amount of start up millionaires but that seems to have died off suddenly. While I was on YouTube, I came across an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) start up that focuses on being a high-frequency trading hedge fund.

Check out the videos here

To be fair, this entrepreneur only wants to focus on the good components of HFT. I applaud her for that instead of being some typical dark pool hogging market maker.

Also you should note on their website (http://domeyard.com/careers) all of their C++ job positions which leads me to ….

C++ Demo of spot future differential and future pricing spread

Or the last week, I have posted on my YouTube channel some typical demonstrations of trading strategy library development focusing on futures. As I have described in a past video, I’ve decided to segregate my C++ code from the trading logic and trading mechanics via a library. Here is another video to show an example of that.

 See that video here

As you may not know, this is going to be part of my Phase 2 trading strategy focusing on both futures and options using simple fundamental analysis. Hey it works!

As for my Phase 1, this focuses on arbitrage/pair trading for any global stock that is tracked by Yahoo Finance. Not only that, this will work for any major global region as well as on any equity including indices, mutual funds, and even popular ETFs. It does all equities and can work wonders. For those that don’t know, I have source code, video walk-throughs and most of all live lectures every Tuesday night. All good things must come to an end, so the strategy code will be pulled off of my website coming the week of July 12! This is something you cannot leave last minute otherwise you will not have the time to consume it so I put out the warnings now. In actual fact, I’ll be reminding everybody on this newsletter pretty well daily. It’s crucial you don’t miss out. When I say it vanishes,  it is gone for good!

What are you sitting there for? Get on this now!

This is all part of my algorithm training course series I started up in February.

Get the details here on that

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Thanks Bryan

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