How to develop trading system?

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2016)

How do you develop trading system?

Here we go again! I have yet another “how do I build an algorithm trading system”? When will this all end? I guess when the demand for this dies off which will be…. Pretty well never! That is how many human traders are realizing that their gig is up.


Read about building yet another Algo trading system here


So what am I to do? As I said, I will be focusing my efforts on building out an analytical service for traders with a private chat room. I will be bringing together the best traders that I know out of the quite literally 15,000+ of you out there. I just want to hint that I am now sending out 5000 of these email suckers to each and everyone of you everyday. Thanks for reading and stickin it out.


— rant starts here —


Over 5 1/2 years ago I decided to launch my Quantlabs.net website. The initial goal was just blog about my journey in becoming an automated trader using quantitative analysis. As you know, things have mightily changed since the early days. One of my goals was to always try to be open about what I learned as I blog about my experiences in all the this stuff.


So here we are competing against so many quantitative trading cloud solutions that can be no better than trading in equities in a casino. All these users will be so blind to how the markets truly work using the all important and crucial fundamental analysis techniques that only the professional traders use. I just find a lot of them are too lazy to really ‘get it’. I don’t want to get caught up into this mental trap as all these users will eventually become the new generation of ‘retail traders’ part of that 90/90/90 rule. The pros call them the “Dumb Money” so there’s a reason for that. Just remember about that video game called Lemmings I have talked about. They’re also called the Sheeple movement which I want to have no part of. Nor should you.


— rant is now over —


So why do you think I’m removing my Pair Trading/Arbitrage source code and demonstrations off of this membership? Well I call it traders edge but I kept the code up to fulfill my promise of blogging about what I learn. The only differences it is a very tight window of opportunity which closes in just over two weeks. You will have very little time to learn this properly as we are in our second last live lesson coming up this Tuesday.

In fact, I will be toning down this alert from here on out. For those that decide to be on the winning side of learning about this code, it will cease to exist in coming weeks. If you had implemented it during this British referendum exit, I’m sure you could’ve gotten yourself onto an early retirement package by now. Oh well… There is always winners and losers in this game. I decide to be on the winning side. What do you choose?

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Thanks Bryan

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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