Futures options automated trading strategy development starts today

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2016)

Futures and options automated trading strategy development starts today

Yesterday was the first day I actually started developing my “Phase 2 from my Algo Trading Business course series with source code done in Python”. From here, I will be able to work on the basic mechanics of this strategy of futures and options automated trading.


Get the details here

Permanent Arbitrage Pair Trading Source Code Demo Removal

As you were the first to be notified of July 12 being my last day of the equity pair training/arbitrage strategy, I have notified all my other social media outlets. I’m not sure of how much of an impact this will have on people, but I’m trying to get those that are sitting on the fence to take action now.

See my removal notice with countdown here


Here are those usual details:


CRITICAL! I am putting a hard set date together of July 12 for removing all source code demos and references to my Phase 1 equity trading/arbitrage. I am currently teaching this up until July 5. For Tuesday night, I will be hosting my technical analysis step. As said, this is a one-time deal only and will be only available to my current and new Quant Elite members.

Details of my algo trading in Python series here (remember that the Phase 1 Arbitrage will be removed permanantly after Jul 12)

Here are the pricing options:

If you are interested in joining, here are all the pricing options:

MONTHLY: $97/MONTH: Click here

6 BONUS MONTH FREE Annual: Click here

BIGGEST SAVINGS with 24 BONUS months: Click here

Thanks Bryan

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