FINAL reason why I get out of the low end automated trading market

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2016)

FINAL reason why I get out of the low end automated trading market


Here is the real and FINAL reason I am getting out of this lower end market. A correspondence over the weekend from someone new joining last Saturday:


hi, I have already sent out two emails asking you why i\’m not able to access any of material on your website? i would like to have an answer. If i don\’t get an answer i will be forced to ask for a refund or i will report it to paypal and my credit card. Via WP Live Chat Support



I protect all my software assets so I am no a proponent of short term trial users. if you cancel immediately, our system is designed to lock all those out so that is the result you see on all the access points to the membership. Would you like a refund instead?



On any article or part of the website that i click on i see the same page which is the on e with position management go to meeting and all to the other articles after that. When i click on other pages as well it takes me to a signup or it tells me “premium content for elite members only”


I did cancel my recurring paypal because i did not know what i’m getting for the money i’m paying and plus if i paid a month already should’t i have access anyway for that month?…

I understand that and i completely agree you, but at the same time i also protect myself against something that i have never seen and don’t know if it is useful to me. You probably know better than me all of the useless things out there on the net. If the material is useful i’m the first one to be interested and willing to pay. I’m just trying to learn and improve my trading strategy that’s it.



I have refunded you. I will now take this as a final lesson not to allow smaller payments for a software membership to vast amounts of source code worth is probably in the hundreds of thousands. I hope you understand. I also understand your position with full respect but note our source code is becoming highly more valuable then ever so I think our minimum charge might be worth 12x what you paid. In the future, I will be changing this style of membership  to target pure traders who are only interesting in the trading signals/community that this future system will bring. You may want to try then. Hope this helps you out and sorry for any hassles at my end.


In summary:
Hopefully you will see why I am getting out. It seems I will not have these issues with a data analytics service as they seem to be more realistic in how vendors work only Monday-Friday during regular business hours. Also, most active traders will not be beginners who will pay top dollar as they are established at what they do full time.

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