Complete tutorial how to learn data science with Python

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2016)

Complete tutorial to learn data science with Python

A few days ago I put up an article on step-by-step guide to building out a basic algorithm/automated trading system. Sometimes I am always in conflict with this data science/machine learning versus old-school ways of trading. As we all know, it probably comes down to the generation you are part of. Once again I found an article that shows you complete data science application with Python.


Go here for that


I would even think my Infrastructure Building Blocks phase in Python may be useful for those looking for the same functionality in the above trading system.


My software development plan of attack on HFT and current 3 strategies

As I usually correspond with many people, somebody asked me about the three current strategies I’m working on. In order to expedite my content, I always make a video in response.


Here is the latest video response


After all the FX/Futures/Options strategies are completed, I even highlighted my resource I may use for all my high-frequency trading idea concepts so you may want to watch it.


Lastly, I mentioned that I have been working on one equity trading strategy that is nearly being wrapped up with all my live presentations I do each Tuesday. As it is completed the week of¬†July 12, I’ll be taking down all this content permanently.

Key to futures trading is storage cost impact on supply and demand

After that, I am working on C++ libraries for both futures and options trading which will help my rules and logic for automated order management. I see myself putting these up multiple times a week so here’s the latest one. I cannot stress how critical it enables you to see the markets in an instance. No human trader can possibly do this.


Here is the latest video on my reasoning why future/options supply and demand is critical to success in automated trading


As I’m going through the motions with these libraries, my mind is always thinking next generation. I’m starting to envision how I see my Quant Elite membership evolve into a more trading data analytics service. I think it’ll be the only service of its kind to focus on the major asset classes as well as generating trading signals. I’m also hoping to have a private chat room for all my members. Not many services offer this for the low rates that I offer at. Pretty exciting huh? You should be but here the options if you considered in joining:

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NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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