Billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen cannot find young talent

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2016)

Billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen can’t find young talent

Let’s talk hedge funds for a minute. Despite them having a very crushing year, they should not be written off as a potential investment vehicle. I have been following one of the world’s most successful hedge fund manager yet, Steve Cohen, who is in a recent video claiming he cannot find young talent. If you read the article below from CNBC, it will guide you through the process of having the most talented graduates still get rejected at his new firm.

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Billionaire club: Largest hedge fund managers

Now this is not to discourage anyone, but you should read about the latest industry trends which is not surprising. In fact, it confirms that lots of them are struggling but the systematic fundsĀ are starting to take over. If you are a consistent reader of this newsletter, you will know that there has been a steady trend of these systematic funds doing better than human based funds. Ain’t that funny?

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Demo of wxWidgets wxCrafter CodeLite C++ on Ubuntu Linux

Demo of C++ wxWidgets wxGrid on Ubuntu Linux

C++ Demo of finance chart with wxWidgets CodeLite wxCrafter

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