Why WordPress over PyCharm with Python web Django Flask or Qt

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2016)
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I made a half an hour video explaining why I am now choosing WordPress over any of the Python web frameworks. To be honest, this has been a complete waste of my time. When you look at the complexities of learning new web frameworks like the Dkango or Flask, you quickly realize you may want to shoot yourself in the head. Also, I have constantly given QT so many opportunities but with the combined different versions of 4 and 5 plus the complexities of Python version two or three, it might be better to do this whole thing in Assembler. As a result, for my own sanity I think WordPress will meet all my requirements. This includes:


A popular easy to use web framework

Open source meaning free

Quick deployment onto any major operating system of my choice

Ready to post on remote servers like web hosting companies

Plug-and-play capabilities instead of hand coding


If you are adamant on using something like QT with Python, I would strongly recommend you to learn a book as in the 600 page one listed here.

Rapid WYSWYG book on Qt Designer with Python


Now I can rest my weary head to go back to my life. I hope I’m not disappointing anybody in this final decision but as you know, software development and architecture can be a real bitch. Ask any of the nearly insane people that work in the info technology company with their haywire environments that keep them from jumping off their window ledges.


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