Tutorial on Python on Ubuntu Linux with PyCharm MongoDB NoSQL

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2016)

Tutorial on Python on Ubuntu Linux with PyCharm NOSQL MongoDB

Last Wednesday, I held my first 1 i LIVE TUTORIAL for one of my Quant Elite members. As non-technical trader, it is a common/classic scenario on where they are challenged in how to set up their automated trading environment. This is the hope that they can get caught up in all the lessons I’ve been teaching live.

Check out this helpful video for those that are in the same scenario

As you can imagine, this is one of the many common situations that I see. It is also a common practice of mine to get everybody up to speed that are struggling and setting up their environment which is probably the hardest step of all for automated trading. I try to give an extra personal Touch for them to accomplish this. Do realize this takes a bit of my time but I will happily do it. Unfortunately, there is a deadline for everything. I’m not sure if I’ll be helping out everybody as I have in the past as I’m going into a new direction with data analytics and trading analysis. This will start to take effect as of July sometime.


As I’ve been hinting in the last few emails, it is quite apparent that the trading technology space is getting overcrowded. Not only that, with the expectation of free it gets kind of hard to compete against that. As said, this is why I’m giving myself to July to help out people on the technical front. After that, I am unsure of my ability to commit my time for such goals. As a result, it is just another reason why you should join my Quant Elite membership to take advantage of this as well as learn about building out your trading business with automated trading.

I will be hosting our very first step in about learning an automated trading strategy starting this May 10 on Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern standard time.

Learn more and hear about the first video in detail about the Pair Trading/Arbitrage strategy for all global equities that Yahoo Finance tracks


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