Should we trust human algo retail traders ?

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2016)
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Should we trust these human algo retail traders ?

I’m not sure if this should make me really mad or I should care. I see so many people getting scammed by these so-called retail trading gurus. People literally pay thousands of dollars when they can get these same resources for free from very simple technical analysis books.


Go here for some samples of these particular gurus but I don’t think they would scam you


I mean it really gets to a level of desperation for these retail traders who have probably lost thousands in the markets. Are they really looking for a magic bullet that will give them the goose that lays the golden egg?


We all know that retail trading has become more Algorithmic based with automation. That is a fact Jack! Even ask the CEO of Goldman Sachs who says his company is now a technology firm. That is considered one of the leading investment banks in the world!

But then again, there are those infomercial quick rich schemers who try to put out utter rubbish so-called trading robots or black box software. Even my YouTube channel is getting currently pounded by these scammers with this utter crap.

 How to find trading opportunity with US Fed government data

I have put together a quick video to showcase the power of studying US government data which you can get for free to be able to determine your own trading decisions. There’s no more guessing! There’s no more listening to some TV analyst to depend on! It is just a matter of compiling your own research from the same data that these ‘experts’ have access to. Let me remind you that this is free data.


Check out this 20-minute video to see what I mean


Guess what? I’m putting on a live event tonight for all my Quant Elite members so they can learn this. If they got questions, they ask! I’m also providing numerous video examples and various Python scripts to do the exact same thing you see in the above video. Imagine how much time you can save with this automation vs the hours manually updating some set of Excel spreadsheets!


Also, do I really need to remind you I am only doing this once and once only? I got bigger plans I want to work on don’t you know.


Here’s the rub:


I have pretty well decided that this sort of content is going to be held back once I’ve completed this phase of LIVE teaching. That basically means, it will permanently vanish off my website.


Why am I doing this?


It’s simple:

  1. It is to reward those that take action now!
  2. It also rewards those that have been following me since day one since this algorithm trading course series started.


I’m also removing this content in order to maintain my trading edge in coming months. When I started I promised myself that I would stay transparent for those that want to learn. So I’m keeping this promise open for this limited window of opportunity. When I say window of opportunity, I mean it’s really short.


I’ve always believed in the saying of:


The early bird always gets the worm


This is another case of this exact example.


Sometime in July I believe, I will be getting out of educating people on trading platforms and technology.




I see the need of highly successful human traders needing a reliable data analytics service that are willing to pay for it. In fact, they are willing to pay Mucho Primo premium pricing. Do you remember that over 40% of my community make over $150,000 per year from trading? If you are in doubt, I keep saying this where you need to check my verified stats at


Don’t worry


I will try to make the service highly affordable for those that follow.


Enough of the rant, I have been testing my latest technology choices so they’re being banged out quite quickly with lots of results to show. Remember that this is been over five years in the making so get prepared! I am bringing out the best trading software tools I know of to give me my trading edge.


I am also testing technology to see how I can deploy everything onto my website sections. I will not be reviewing any of this in any future time but I’m putting up what I research on my blog currently. As more content gets posted daily, these technical postings will easily get buried among the thousands of past postings. I find people are easily overwhelmed by what I post on my YouTube channel alone but that’s why I have thousands of followers now.


As I babble about this, it is quite imperative that if you were interested what I do now’s the time to join my Quant Elite membership for the last development stages of my trading system. As I said above, I’m keeping my window of opportunity short  to learn the content of these trading strategies that I will initially use. You know what to do if you’re interested otherwise these trading strategies with Python code will disappear forever!


Here are those pricing options:

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Thanks Bryan


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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