Required Books on Math & Stats for Data Science

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(Last Updated On: May 8, 2016)

Required Books on Stats & Math for Data Science

If you’re like me who is weak in math should pay attention to this. Someone completed an entire list for those that are interested in the study of data science. This appears also to be applicable to the world of quantitative analysis as well.


Read here to know what to add to your required reading listing


As I move into more advanced econometrics of what drives global Forex markets, I am also learning to know what will give me trading edge in coming months. What happens when I start automating all of this stuff? What will my trading edge be then?


As you know starting this Tuesday I will be revealing my Python coding techniques to my first strategy for arbitrage and pair trading. Due to it being highly sensitive, all of this material will be removed in a few months. When I say it will be removed I mean it will be permanently removed. This will be part of a series of warnings that I’ll be putting out.


I start on Tuesday in 2 days. I have been emailing about this since January which is part of my algo trading course series.


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