Qt 5 for Python dropped? C++ is only real option?

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(Last Updated On: May 25, 2016)

Qt 5 for Python dropped? C++ is only real option?


My view of Python with QT5:


Under QT 4, there was the separate Qt Designer where you could convert QML to Python with this utility:






That was my original vision to use but Qt 5 seems the standard.


From my understanding, it looks like this utility has been dropped under Qt 5. Also the Qt Designer has been folded into Qt Creator. As a result, Python has been abandoned in Qt 5.

There are some Python packages you can use with Qt 5 like PyQt or PySide. Both involve hand coding which is yucky for me. I even confirmed this theory by using searching on Google for ‘Qt 5 Python’ which only listed the above Python packages.


I like Rapid Application Development utilities like Visual Studio, Qt Creator, IBM Rational Rose, etc.  it is 2016 for frigging sakes! There are some open source utilities for Qt RAD development but they are pretty buggy so no go there.


Options for deployment with Qt 5.


After reading this book, Application Development Qt-Creator, the only options are Qt Creator for C++ or Qt Quick for QML (proprietary Javascript like for mobile development in Qt).

This Qt Quick seem very limited so that is not an option for mobile. Qt Creator with C++ is really the only option for RAD.


After this other book listed below, it is sort of useless as it only contains various projects done with Qt. Really? I could download many examples from online for free.


Best Qt tutorial books for GUI


If I am wrong on this assessment for language deployment options, please let me know right away.

Update with video

Gallery and style example demos with Qt Creator in C++

Gallery and style example demos with Qt Creator in C++


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