Overall view of Python for GUI front end design

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2016)

Overall view of Python for GUI front end design

Ok. I have gone through the various options for front end web design not related to Windows or Microsoft. I have put a survey out to help decide on the final choice (this is like marriage so I need to make the right choice) . Here is my view on using Python which could be adequate but I don’t think you can quickly port the code to a web fron which is something I would like to include as a requirement.¬†

Tkinter and Pyside with this book


Do I really need to hand code this stuff? When you got good rapid code generation with tools like Visual Studio or even Qt (if it works as advertised), is there really a need to go through this process? I am not interested in this path as it is now 2016, not 1980.

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Remember the original vision was to use QtDesigner which was part of Qt 4 which it has been folded into version. So we are back at looking at C++ with Qt instead.


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