Member told how this Quant Elite are most successful traders on the planet

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2016)

Member told how the Quant Elite are most successful traders on the planet


Stop period. Full stop!  I have some in my link below to showcase how I confidently showcase my audience demographics. 40% make some severe bank. Are you one of them at that level?


Note: This is not to brag but is actual fact so watch the videos here.


From a newly recent Quant Elite member who found some limitation in other Quant Cloud solutions who are named below.


I am so hunkered down in old code I am not watching so much lately but I’ll keep an eye out.


If there were an outfit that was meeting the needs of the (successful) active traders that cannot program so well but are desperate to memorialize their brilliant trading habits, this would be met with day-1 success and would carve out a chunk of Quantopian addressable market.  Moreover, that would position someone to own a spot in the Quantopian space that might be worth something.  The material issue is managing support costs.


This is not an easy task due to the many components needed to write an effective trading system. It is a challenge. What you are requesting is like taking a bunch of carpenters, turn them into architects to build a house. That is a very tall order. One day, someone may come up with what you seek but you need to be a very specialized/experienced developer or architect to properly design a trading system.
I am intending to build a private trading community through my Quant Elite membership as I transition in to more data analytics with potential chatroom with less technical. I am hoping to get this rolling sooner as I want to focus more on the trading side.
In terms of Quantopian, I do not let it worry me in terms of ‘competition’ among others, I completely understand their severe limitations their service does not offer but why should I worry? In fact, there will be a new generation of quant wannabes like retail traders who think technical analysis is the panacea to success. Honestly, these wannabes are so ill equipped to know what to do when the markets go against them. Their shared public algos will most likely blow up in so many negative scenarios because it was not properly thought out.



The problem with this business is that the good news is that the traders are looking for support and the bad news is that they are a support nightmare and can’t really code sometimes at all and at best have skill strengths and weakness all over the map.   Motivated, they are.

I think Q left a window open that is significant.

The sad part you mention here is that most ‘traders’ or ‘quant wannabes’ are driven by typical human condition. From the literally thousands of these people I deal with over the years, I have come to the conclusion everyone wants the simple answer by always making money but take the easiest path forward. They don’t want to deal with the negative risk, innovation/ambition/pure hard work to understand how trading/systems really work, nor invest the years it takes to truly succeed. As said, that is human condition.
Also it is important to understand to rely on your own code, own your hardware, etc. You need to be self-reliant and self-contained because, believe me many people will gladly steal your technology or trading ideas. I see and talk to these con artists almost weekly seeking out what I do.


That is the gist of my first idea for you.  I think it can happen fast, be self funding and and be of value in a year.


You pretty well have NAILED it in terms of self-funding. I turn away quite a few opportunities to pursue the path I am on. I am only interested in developing trading system for my own needs to be a hopeful successful trader on my own terms. I also want to have higher revenue at trading than simply educating. The other ‘gurus’ who believe this are making so muc off the sad suckers out there with mom’s credit card. Believe me, I have seen industry performance tear sheets with returns in the magnitude of x8 in a few weeks. If I can scale my trading decisions in where it banks automatically, imagine the potential but let alone why would I want to focus on the human pysche of others as explained above.
From my experience, the people who come into my Quant Elite membership are a totally different breed who understand the true blood, sweat, and tears it takes to succeed. They also know how to innovate with the highly driven ambition for success. I am not sure if you know this, but over 40% of my crowd earn over $150K/yr vs the others who want to make it.  They are real traders and many of them want to go to the next level. Some are in 7 or 8 digits quite easily with their own trading environments or firms. This is why I firmly believe those that enter this membership are most likely some of the most profitable TRUE and REAL traders you will find anywhere. They are not wannabes.


Demo of dynamic class loading with C++ for low latency HFT purpose

Now we don’t stop there, I got a demo of one of the first steps to high frequency trading.

Here is a a video on that.


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P.S. Don’t forget on Tuesday, I continue in detail how to turn your trading pair (long & short) into a trading opportunity. This is part of Algo Trading Series in Python I started in February. Also, remember this Python code will disappear in coming months so these LIVE events are one time only. This course series is part of the many benefits you get with this ELITE membership!





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