How to develop your trading system?

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2016)

How do you develop your trading system?

Somebody sent me a very popular topic in my LinkedIn group. It doesn’t take much to learn about how to “build a automated trading system”. It is quite crazy on how overwhelming it can be with some technical choices to accomplish this task.


Anyhow check out this article here if you’re interested


As you know, I have my own set of technical paths where you can learn this as well how to apply different technologies to accomplish this goal. Some of it’s easy, some of it’s very challenging. It really just depends on your goals.

Cool WordPress plugins for automated trading front end GUI

For me, I am looking always for the easiest and quickest way to accomplish my goals. The latest also includes using WordPress as my ┬ácontent management system for my front and needs. I’m hoping you have checked out my recent WordPress playlist that I’ve created.


Do check out some of the cool WordPress plug-ins that you could use for slick visual ticker needs


I may even talk about it in my upcoming Tuesday night live lesson. Speaking of this, I will be hosting our very first step in about learning an automated trading strategy starting this May 10 on Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern standard time.


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