ChartDirector finance demos in Qt C++

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2016)

Chart Director finance demo in Qt C++ on my Mac OSX

Hunting for good software libraries can be really challenging. You can win some and you can lose some. I was fortunate enough to find this ChartDirector which is an affordable commercial charting package which fits my needs for C++. Although Python does have some shortcomings, this potential stack may meet my needs for rapid application development in C++. Yes, here we go again with Qt. Ugh but it may end well.


Check out my quick video on this combination


Finance chart C++ demo of Chart Director with Qt

See my previous demo of the C++ set of open-source frameworks which led me to this ChartDirector


Check that out here


So where do we go from here? Well, if Qt behaves itself and stays stable unlike previous versions, I may stick with this path. It also means I can rapidly start developing my components of all my strategies I want to get underway. As said, I hope it works out, so let’s hear a woo hoo!


I sometimes really hate architecting software like this but these are the challenges that we all face. I’m really hoping we have a winner finally. If it is, I can start putting on some private demos of this new trading system I’m working on.


This will be part of my Quant Elite membership but you can get all the pricing here:


f you are interested in joining, here are all the pricing options:

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As I said before, we may be on a path of glory for automated trading.


Thanks for reading Bryan


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