Books on HFT and high speed algo trading

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2016)

Some books on high frequency and high speed algo trading

A solid Facebook contact sent me a posting regarding some more high-frequency trading books to refer to. UGH! When do this onslaught of books end? Hey I even put up a continual reading list yesterday alone?


Go here to see this person’s list of books

As said, I post so much stuff daily that I lose track of it all but that’s why I created my daily digest for all my followers to consume.


You can join that here


As my testing for this next generation trading system in C/C++. it appears to be coming together quite nicely. I mean it has a decent graphical user interface library, solid NOSQL options including Mongo DB, and hopefully the ability to call both Python and R scripts. Have you seen my video on the ability to dynamically load a C++ class? Just using this option could increase performance in the magnitude of 10x. Combine that with the amazing Fastflow multi-core/concurrency framework, we may be onto a real winner with this high-speed automated trading system. Oh yeah, how could I forget that this is a true cross-platform system since I’m using the GCC compiler which can be run on all major operating systems.


Boo ya


Exciting times ahead.


You should know the drill by now by joining you guessed it:


The Quant Elite membership

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Thanks Bryan

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