Analyzing UK and Europe trading opportunities

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2016)

Analyzing UK and Europe trading opportunities

Note: This Python script can easily be enhanced to highlight figures of each sector to quantity exactly long and short opportunities as explained in the video

Eyeball guesses to high potential of this Python script which is part of my Algo Trading Course Series

Python algo course series for your Indie Automated Trading Business

You can download the charts here charts

ESI: short term
Building short
Consumer: short term long
Industrial short
Retail short
Service short term long

Sweden ESI short
Service: short term long
Retail: long
Industrial short
Consumer short
Building long

Netherlands ESI long
Building long

Construction long
Industrial long
Retail long ****
Service no change

Italy Short
Building long
Building Cons long
Retail N/c
Service Short

Cons long

France ESI short
Service N/c
Retail Short
Industrial short
Service short

Finland ESI N/c
Building Long ***
Consumer long
Service LONG ***
Retail short
Retail Short

Spain ESI long
Service n/c
Retail long
Industrial short
Cons Long
Building Long ***

Denmark ESI short
Services Short ***
Retail short
industrial short
Consumer Long
Building long

Germany  ESI n/c
Service Long
Retail short
Industrial short
Consumer N/c
Building long ***

Overall just one of many examples this scripting could use!
Services  Short Denmark  Long Finland

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