Tech job study of Citadel Jump Tower Mana Bridgewater HFT hedge funds firms

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2016)

Tech job study of RenTech HFT and Point72 hedge fund

I like doing these so hold onto your hat OK ? I have done may of these over the year but the technology does not change much once the infrastructure has been laid down. C++ and Python in Linux/UNIX is standard. Deal with it. OK?

I also like doing to see how the industry uses technology for their own infrastructure. This is the only way to get access outside of joining their firm even they would be interested.

I have done Citadel who are the largest https://quantlabs.net/blog/2015/10/hft-skills-for-citadel-technology/

Remember that 1.3 million paid out on average to London staff at Jump Trading?

You stopped me at average 1 million plus average HFT research programming job


Serious coin is spent from Tower Research

HFT firms want 2nd tower in UK


Here is the latest trend according to Manoj Nerang with his new firm of Mana:

Slower stat arbitrage strategy next frontier for HFT shops


Job Description

MANA Partners, LLC, an exciting financial technology incubator and quantitative trading startup, is seeking a Head of Application Software. This is a full-time position. While we will have office space, there will be no set hours and working remotely the majority of the time is an option.

Skills & Requirements

Engineering/CS/Science/Math degree.
Very strong programming skills.
Preferably 1-5 years work experience.
Potential for CTO-track role in approximately one year.
No prior finance or economics experience necessary.

About MANA Partners, LLC

Founded by Manoj Narang — the founder and former CEO of Tradeworx Inc. and an internationally recognized expert in quantitative trading, MANA offers a unique ground-floor opportunity for rapid learning and advancement, extensive and direct interaction with senior management, and meaningful participation in the growth and success of the venture.

We currently have employees in Denver, CO and NYC.

Many RenTech topics have been covered https://quantlabs.net/blog/?s=rentech

Some Intel standard Linux tuning tools for C++: https://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-vtune-amplifier-xe

Here is interesting Ray Dahlio’s Bridgewater hire videos

Dan the engineer talks generally about algo streaming in Scala. Another Lauren shows how they would collaborate. I know I would not fit cause I ain’t that smart like at this intellectual level.







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