Talk with Confused young Indian who bets for wealth but controlled scale automated trading is best!

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2016)

Talk with Confused young Indian who bets for wealth but controlled scale automated trading is best!


His dad was on his ass so he tried to figure stuff out!

OK. Where do I  start with this Facebook Messenger conversation. I really think this typifies what is going on in Emerging world. Just read it to hopefully help you out in getting some clarity what automated trading can do for you. It is long drawn out process but worthy in the end! Also, this conversation reminds of me when I had my Dad on my ass all the time to prove my self. Boy was he wrong if you got these 2 characteristics:

  1. Inner Driver/Motivation to believe in yourself
  2. Passion to learn hard topics like programming

Read this thread to be hopefully be inspired. (Just a side note, I am now clocking in 20 – 30 of these young guns coming into my Facebook group now)



Also, here is the course series I speak of this in this conversation

Python algo course series for your Indie Automated Trading Business


Also, this really left an impression on me and hopefully it will do for you as well!

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Talk with Confused young Indian who bets for wealth but controlled scale automated trading is best!

Chat Conversation Start

You’re friends on Facebook

Hi Sir I am 21 a trend follower and a discretionary trader.
Can u guide me in transition from discretionary to automated considering ibdont known programing.
Guide me by recomending books blogs people to follow etc.
Even if you suggest 100 books i am up for it ☺

Knowledgebase | QUANTLABS.NET

Ok that’s ur site? Na
ha what?
na what?

No I meant quantlabs is ur site ?

can u suggest some books which have trading strategies in them ?
go there
or google

Lots of info its information overload
oh buy metatrader then

I thought a experienced person like u could filter and recomend some specific books
Mt4 ?
i don’t you i don;t your goals so research before you ask generic questions

Sir actually problem is I don’t know what works or what not ibjave tried lots of stuff in past. Now what I think is more information won’t help me rather specific information would help. Just my thinking
how much are you willing to spend to learn?

Can’t say sir what’s the deal
I definately have 1-2k up my sleeve
So maybe that much

Not sure depends on product
Ya sir
The person
Future benefits etc
learn quantopian then

Dont want to be scammed thats fir sure
it’s free

Was there something else u want to recomend that’s was wayore costlier than my savings .
this is my product

Python algo course series for your Indie Automated Trading Business

you choose from that ok?

it is there

Elite membership worth 97 every month right?
that is the most affordble

Ya for sure
up to you

Sir if you don’t mind can i ask something ?
go ahead

What’s ur average return per month and is 5-10% per month possible with a drawdown of 20% or less from forex over 5 years ?
i cannot say i am on cash right now
i plan to roll out my new trading system first

Sir I was thinking on these lines. I could invest 2-5K in a fx account of someone like you or someone else had a good automated strategy which works which could have given me a cash flow of 100-300$ every month with that I could continue my learning with you or anyone else for that matter.
ain’t worth my time
you would need $10 million to perk my interest

Sure sir 😊
I dont have that much ☺
uh you think i am fucking around huh?
i know many capital allocators sitting in the wings
that is ok

I didn’t ask u toanage few thousand dollars I had asked for help sir
that is why quantopian exist

Sorry if I offended u
I didn’t meant to
i am not offended
just a dose of reality

I wanted help that’s it to get started
there are lots of people like you
but you really need to learn the mass amount of stuff out there instead of filtering as you call it
you will lose what you have otherwise

Sure sir absolutely but a bit of guidance like what programing languages to learn or what books to read would be great
It would save but if time I am not asking for shortcut sir
why do you think i made my knowledgebse/ FAQ for? for fun
if you are not willing to go through that, you will give up within a few weeks
#1 tip is to have the REAL drive to succeeed
if you get overwhelmed, you will fail before you even start
that is the best advise i can give you

I am ready to put in the effort sir i promise
then read it and explore it’

For that
Sure sir thanks
discover some new stuff there among other stuff online
whatever you connect with, implement and try
if you want the easy route, go quantopian
easy set of choices

No I want the tough path as it would lead to long term sucsess
you are going around in circles
you sound confused

For sure sir 😢
just go out there try some stuff
see what work, i am one of many
but i have built all this to make it at easy as possible

Yes sir
or try this http://wp.me/p1xCTt-diU

Adjoint Algorithmic Diff Tool For Typical Numerical Patterns In Computational Finance |…
Down this PDF from NAG software

sorry this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBTHKNLaAJc

How to get started in quant finance, hft high frequency trading, automated algorithmic trading
Brief descriptiion to help you get started in quant trading, HFT, hedge fund with math, software tools, jobs and interview resources, which school degreee re…

its old thought

Ok sir
not sure what more i can provide

It’s more than enough sir
all the best then i guess…i tried

Thanks a lot sir sorry for sounding the way I did
it is ok, you just need to really reearch before asking. i guess these all the time so i started these resources…there is no easy path
otherwise you fail or lose moneu

Yes sir
byw, no need to call me sir… i appreciate the respect you give but not worthy of it

Sir ur greater than me in experience and knowledge
maybe but i know you want to learn bu i need to demystify the ‘easy path’
it does not exist for the riches story
there is a tonnes to learn

Yes sir
Actually I have been learning abt the markets for 4-5 years now so got a bit desperate to achieve success few days back even thought of buying Michael covel trend following system for 2K but later calmed myself down and decided against it
Actually problem with me is I keep switching strategies which leads to frustration
to be honest, technical trading and retail traders are being taken advantage of

And not having any programing skills adds to that
are you trying to autmated

Yes sir i feel the same
look at that python course then
but quantopian may be decent if you are tight

I feel technical analysis to be a flawed concept
it is
but lazy people get badly burnt from it

Actually I am a contratrian by nature I try and catch tops and bottoms which has low accuracy but great risk to reward I do this because I hate the idea of buying things just because they are going up
it sounds like you are missing so many fundamental reasons why the markets turn against you

I dont know how much u agree or not but I like to buy things when they are correcting in short term time frame but trend on higher time frames intact
the issue maybe you don’t understand the reasons why
there are supply/demand and economic reasons for it
many technical/retail traders are too lazy to understand the REAL reasons of this so they killed when the markets turned
thus i say you will lost money
i see all it all the time

I recently using only price and volume which is much better than any technical study or tool
i will be addressing al this in my course in a few months
but still you miss the reasons for pricing and volumes drivers

Fundamentals like gdp cpi nfp u mean ?
or argue it but still lose$
no supply/demand
this course is an example

What do u mean by that sentiment analysis ?

Course outline, futures markets history and market mechanics
Lecture 2 starts with a broad outline of the course. Carter discusses the history and basic principles of futures markets.

for futures and options
if you dont want to spend the time to learn this
save your money but no longer trading
by no longer trading

I am not trading currently sir i just want to learn at the moment and I got ur point sir
start with that UC Davis course
its free
spend the time to learn

Ok sir
i will automate it
the best one i have seen anywhere
all fundamental as well

So sir ur approach is data dependent the algo u building so u would take positional trades is that right ?
Sorry just curious 😜
no you forecast based on how the data look in the options/futures market
this course explains it

Ok open interest and call out ratio something in these lines?
Anyways will go through the course
Thanks a ton Sir it feels good to talk to someone as knowledgeable and experienced as you
Biggest part u don’t have a ego which I see in people who have acheived some degree of knowledge
no worries, this is one of the best online courses that will help

Thanks sir
i should have mentioned that earlier sorry about that but you need to learn the real stuff
this is the best i have seen out there

Sir if I ask you to summarize that to be like u at some point down the line what all domains of knowledge shall I understand Number 1 comes out to understanding how markets really work the demand supply dynamics
this UC Davis is it for future and options

Rather than discussing on fundamentals or technicals right?
i am learning FX as well
technical is ok but just for timing your trade
not trading ideas to set positions on
80% fundamental, 20% technical

Ok I am trying to know what all fields of knowledge shall I focuss on 1 is fundamental then technical than learning python for programing
watch the course first, understand it and automated it with something like python
you may overwhelm yourself so watch this UC Davis course

Ok that’s a great project for me sir
nothing else ok?
treat it like a top priority
it explains a lot

So sir when shall I complete the project and submit to u😉
it is up to you but there are 25 45 minute videos

Yes sir exactly what I needed ☺
so it ain’t small
good i hope others can learn from this

Plus I need to learn programing from scratch 😜
take it easy

So a month easily I guess
python is the way

Sure sir

Just keep guiding me this way thanks a ton Sir
And once again sorry for taking so much time of yours 😆
as said, my algo trading course is design with this
no i am not offended, all is good

By going in circles
don’t worry
i should have thought of that course first

Thanks sir
Once I complete that I will share what I learnt
ok sounds good
good luck with it

It’s 1:30 am here in India sir need to sleep thanks sir may u manage a billion dollars soon 😉
ha ha maybe in indian currency but i appreciate the good wishes there
but same with you if got the drive and innovation

Sir by the way how old are u don’t say 20😅😅😅
i was born in the 60s
late 60s in fact
i am an ancient
but old dogs learn new tricks

My dad’s age that is 😀😇
does he light fires under your ass

Big yes
good show he would be proud of ya

Bcoz he thinks trading is not the way to go
it is
tell him i said so

He thinks traditional jobs are
does he want you to be a doctor
or something like that?

I recently made 400$ in Indian premier league cricket matches betting
By properly managing my bets
betting is not something i would engage in

That’s is not loosing much when wrong
it is like my trading without knowlege

Basically by keeping winners bigger than loosers at all times
learn that UC Davis to control your risk

Just playing the odds
you don’t get that with betting

Sure sir just telling u that trading and gambling is my way of life I think 😉😉😉
I would not do it

That’s why my dad is behind my ass
Then he is right there
Gambling is for fools

No I wanted to manage funds in trading when I was 14
Like lottery players
Learn as u try

No sir i have specific reasons while betting
I can’t explain it’s not at all based on gutt feel or something of that sort
If u say so

I read data like how many teams have won chasing how the pitch would behave would there be few in ground etc
i thought a lot of it is rigged

Batting averages of the ground
like football/soccer

I can’t trade soccer no odds are not favourable
cricket then?

I have developed certain trucks in cricket betting irrespective of the result that’s who do ever win I make money
said, i would not engage

If India and England are playing I create a position with india i risk of let’s say 100$ with a small movement I would go for positive on both teams let’s say 40$ in each
Who so ever win I get my 40$
And accuracy of this is close to 75 to 80% of I am wrong I do the same i would loose 10-20$ on both teams then irrespective of outcome I will loose 10-20$
Sorry for boring u with this 😉😉😉😉😂😂😂😂😛😛😛😛😛😜😜😜😜😜
as said i learn but i would not do it myself

Sure sir I do it to create capital and pay off personal expense
ok you got some free resources from me now

Cost of living in India is low 1000$ is good enough
Every month
what city?

Whereas I guess even 5000$ is not enough there in London
which city you live in ?

Meerut a town near Capital New Delhi
U have been to India ?
you bet full time ?

(never been to india)

Just learnt 2 years ago from a person whose full time into cricket betting and drives Porsche
Successful from last 20 years
not sure but i would rather trade

So looking for mentors like him in trading and found u today 😉
more potential
oh thanks

Sure sir better risk reward
More scalability etc
i don’t really mentor
with automation you get that

This is good enough for me sir
as you say, trading has more control
and can scale your ability to ‘bet’ in the markets

Thanks won’t trouble u furthure take care and good night it must be 8 pm there i guess
ok we do everything 8PM EDT
Mon and Tuesdays

U currently in London sir?
no toronto canaduh

Ok what’s time over there now ?
4:23 PM

Ok so good evening 😂 take care bye sir
ok have a good one
good luck to

And plz start a billion dollar fund and take me as a entry level analyst I would work for free 😉
sorry to say i don’t think i would ever raise capital
more liabilities then it is worth
i could scale systems to increase my potential to make $ as opposed to using other peoples money
but i can alway be wrong of course

Ok will leave this topic for some other day need to sleep already 2 here bye ☺☺☺☺☺
ok see ya


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