Quant Fund rise? 24% vs that Quantopian 1.3%

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2016)
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Rise of the Quant Fund? 24% vs that Quantopian 1.3%

A few days ago, Bloomberg reported a quant fund who returned an annual rate of 24%. When you compare that to Quantopian with a quarterly net return of 1.3%, you wonder why you’d want to invest into this crowd sourced fund. To be honest, why would I put my money into a so-called alternative crowd sourced hedge fund like Quantopian when I can get a similar return through a bank or S&P 500 ETF? Easy PEZ from my point of you but this Quant trading platform has a lot to prove over the years let alone if it will survive the first few at the rate they are going. They must be under a lot of pressure to perform adequately.


Check out my article here on these funds


What is difference between HFT and forex trading?

From time to time, I get the real newbie questions. This person asked the difference between high-frequency trading and forex trading.


See his exact question here


Despite what you hear about these quant trading platforms, all the professionals know that you need to develop all your own components for a full end to end trading system. This obviously means you own and control the source code as well where you don’t need to worry about your valuable IP to be stolen. This is why over the next few months, I’ll be removing all the source code that I’m showcasing currently. This includes my upcoming source code for all the different strategies I plan to implement in coming months. As a result, you better jump on this now to maximize your learning while you have the chance.


Also, I’m finding the latest items I posted for my Quant Elite members will help maximize their trading opportunities with the following:


Optimal hedging

Hedging examples

Options on futures


Over the next few months I’ll be teaching these concepts live. Again, this will be a one-time event only which is accessible temporarily for the next few months.


So what to do?


Join my Quant Elite membership by getting immediate access here.


Here are the details of my “Independent Algo Trading business with Python course series”


Next week on Tuesday, I’ll be teaching a one-time lesson live on using Interactive Brokers with their trading platform TWS (Trader Workstation).


Hope to see you there



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