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(Last Updated On: April 23, 2016)
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Latest news from QuantStart QuantCon Quantopian

Quite a few people sent this email to me after the most recent Quantcon in New York City a few weeks ago. It sounds like the top developers in Quant that got together to put on a fabulous conference on the topics of Quant and Python.


Here were the latest details highlights


Now I’ve only been working with Python for four months so I would not call myself an expert. A few of my members have complained about Python packages that are not working including IBPY for their live trading account. I kind of knew of these restrictions going into learning Python so I’ve diversified my knowledge of C, C++, and Java over the decades. If you go to any of the online programming indices, you’ll find that these languages are the most popular. Anything else is really noise at this point. If you decide to work on any upcoming language that really has not proven itself including languages like Haskell Google Go, Julia, etc. etc. you’ll quickly realize you may hit a wall after spending many months trying to develop an automated trading system. From my perspective, you’re better off to stick with the mainstream proven enterprise-level languages.


Even though my most recent “Independent Algo Trading Business Course Series in Python” is important to know, it is really meant for newbies trying to get into this daunting world of automated trading. When done right, you could quickly realize the full benefits of the efforts. This course was typically designed for 75% of the newbies that come into my community but are still driven to learn about how these topics can radically change their life permanently.


The other problem I’m finding are the strategies that are chosen by many retail traders who get blown out within 90 days. I even asked a seasoned trader about the 90/90/90 rule which says 90% of traders will lose 90% of their money within 90 days. This seasoned trader never even heard of it. Most learn off the Internet’s free subpar resources that lead them into this popular 90/90/90 club. What they don’t realize is that if you follow the philosophies of what hedge funds, investment bank prop shops and pension funds are doing, you’ll be blown out fairly quickly. Thankfully I’m quickly learning that these institutions use fundamental drivers for their massive revenue that you never hear about. These fundamental news items are peppered throughout major news outlets but are widely ignored by the mediocre performing retail traders. Some of them actually even have PhD’s.

What is the point of all this?


If you follow what I’m doing I’m pretty confident that I will be reporting some good trading results later in the year. The other big benefit is I’ll be using my own software solutions I develop myself that will lead me onto this path.



This is why I built my highly affordable Quant Elite Membership  


Thanks for reading



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