GREAT Tips on Python CUDA GPU

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2016)

GREAT Tips on Python CUDA CPU

This came in from the same Meetup member who suggested this computer


Thanks to this person


This one has 16 x 512 cores ( or 8192 cores)
at 1.3 GHz. (Normal pc has like 8 or 12 cores)

If the code is cuda enabled that's more cores than than the caltec hpc lab.
 (Python has libraries that plugin that are coded to use cuda)

US DOE department of energy is said to be switching to cuda for their next super computer 
for energy modelling. (100-300 petaflops)

Right now the only cuda hpc lab available is Nvidia. (They do have a free trial you can
 subscribe to) To make it comparable, you'd have to rent 1500-2000 quad core machines to be able to make a comparison.

(Check out Nvidia k80 and Nvidia jetson)
K80 is what physicist use to model nuclear reactions, and oil engineers for fracking 
calculations) (jetson is what's being used for visual processing for automated driving)

Keep in mind this is only for research and development aka model building not actual
 trading. (But it will definitely speed things up)

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