Best automated trading system with Python course?

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2016)
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Best way to build automated trading system with Python?

Yesterday, I posted an article regarding a course on how to build automated trading systems with Python. Sounds familiar? Personally I think it was free as well. As automated trading becomes more popular, it is also now becoming the Sheeple movement I stay clear away from. I always keep remembering about that game called the Lemmings.


Check out this video here


When you look at all the cloud solutions, all the courses in the world, you will quickly realize the severe restrictions they come with. For instance, some of my friends have spent years developing platforms realizing how slow they end up being. I’m sure they’re somewhat disappointed.


Over the years, I have come across the best, fastest, least restrictive open source projects that can be used for high-speed trading. Matlab is a great platform for that but we all can’t afford it. This is one of the reasons why I flipped to Python which is open source which we can all afford. Unfortunately, it too has some restrictions as well with some weird wonky ways to multithread, feeble broker packages, and on and on I could go. This does not mean that Python is not useable but you need to apply the right use cases for it.


Then there is the complexity of the backend where you’ll be able to separate the little boys from the men who really know how to architect high-speed trading platforms. I have scoured all the major capable legacy languages including C++, Java and C-sharp in .Net on Windows.


Here’s the thing. You will need to go through a severe painful lesson to really do it the right way. This means deep learning with probably years of experience to pull it off. Seriously…  Do you know how to paralyze a series of Algos on a Market tick data stream ? Or are you viewing everything in a single threaded mindset? Oh boy, all the potential you’re missing out on. But hopefully this example will clearly cut through the regular BS stuff you see online. This is especially true when it’s free.


OK enough of that


As you know with my “Independent Trading Business with Python” course series, I am in the last two weeks of the first phase called infrastructure building blocks. This has been specially designed for newbies who are tackling this massive wall. So, in three weeks we start. our very first simple strategy focusing on any equity or stock in the world that is trackable with Yahoo Finance. If you were on last night’s live lesson, you would know exactly some of the highly prized gems that I revealed.


But alas, you need to be a Quant Elite member to join for the benefits to quickly start learning!


If you want immediate access you can get that here


If you want to see some of the course detail, go here


Now I’m going to add a little incentive for you. It’s what we call lighting a fire under your ass. I will be removing a lot of the strategy code,video lessons, and other items in coming months. After that, All the secret of strategy code will be removed forever at that point!



NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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