Another machine learning AI free book for trading?

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2016)

Another AI machine learning free book for trading?

I just got another pick of a free PDF on artificial intelligence. This contributor swears by this book as well as a Facebook group for AI. This obviously leads into machine learning for potential trading. Here is a quote from this book reviewer:

I found that it shed light on many mysteries and answered questions that had long troubled me.


Click here to see which book and Facebook group I speak of.

No one listens to fundamental analysis trading


As I have been blogging about both machine learning/AI/HFT vs fundamental analysis, it seems I came away from my online web stats that no one cares for fundamental analysis. It has been the backbone of options/futures trading before electronic trading which of course includes today’s computer algorithms.


Check out this article I posted about this exact topic


Speaking of futures/options trading, this is part of my Phase 2 for my “Indie Algo Trading Business in Python” course series. This is of course the fundamental way to listen to the market. For instance, you can use measurement of yield curve for the pulse of the markets. Do I need to say anymore about topics like this? I just posted these source code demos for my Quant Elite members over the last 24 hours:


Intertemporal commodity pricing storage and how it affects a market


Inter-temporal pricing theory detail


Demand for storage


Notes on yield curve


Eaxmples of Cost of carry model, Interest rate parity, Eurodollar and Yen


I have so many more topics being added on top of the lengthy schedule for each Tuesday until July. As I hinted a few days, these exact topics among others may be pulled to keep this source code ‘exclusive.’


Get more info here


I will be running new services in a couple of months that will make this entire membership worthwhile to join over the long run.


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