80% of all futures & options trading speculators lose money

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2016)

80% of all options & future trading speculators lose money

While going through my third iteration of this UC Davis course on futures and options, there was a very interesting little statistic that I think most retail trailer should be attention to. We have all kept hearing about 80% of forex and stock traders lose money, it sounds like we can apply it to future and options speculators as well. Don’t believe me?


Check it all out here


I do expect to get some hate mail responses on this. It’s kind of funny how people will try to always argue the markets and make excuses why they’re not succeeding constantly. Is there any real reason why you gain but then cannot explain when that same gain is given back to the markets? I see this so many times where these expert traders still don’t how the fundamentals of how the markets flow. Remember they have been around for 100+ years, and yet still nothing really has not changed.


Seriously, if you’re one of these type of “traders”, it is a safe bet you’re doing it all wrong. This is why I spend lots of time in learning the right fundamentals of how the market flows for all major asset classes ranging from stock/equity, futures, options, and FX. Is there any one stop shop that does it all?


Listen, if you’re one of these traders who are struggling you are not alone. You are definitely not alone. Not only that, when you combine the power and scalability of technology with automation, you may feel you are at the losing end. Not to worry as that is why I created this “Independent Algo Trading Business Course Series in Python.” As you can figure, this is a real big deal for me to probably laydown the proper foundation to constantly succeed in the markets.


My best advice for you is to go through the links below to decide if this is the right thing for you.

Go here to get instant access to my course series I mentioned above


As always I’m sure if you’re interested in knowing the full on benefits so go here for that


Thanks for reading


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