6+ ways your FX trading broker is screwing you

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2016)

6 ways your retail forex trading broker is screwing you

I do not want to come off as a hero to save your retail trading environment. If you’re struggling with your trading, you may want to watch this video. There are six ways in how your broker is screwing you! In fact, I’m sure there are way more!


Watch this video here


As I learn more about FX trading on the retail front, it saddens me that these traders don’t even know about the 90/90/90 rule. This is where 90% of all retail traders lose 90% of their portfolio in 90 days. And guess what, the professional insider traders are laughing while using your liquidity to exit their trades. It is a sad but a REAL fact. 80% of the daily 4+ trillion in FX trading are speculators. This is how many suckers there are out there! You wonder why it is called DUMB MONEY !


Do let me know about your opinion on this.


Another powerful and potentially lucrative tip is you really need to learn about automated trading. I’m not talking about some dinky retail algo/automated trading platform like Metatrader or off the shelf platform nor cloud solution. I’m talking about “rolling your own solution” to scale out highly optimal trading potential for optimal opportunity by cross-referencing all the trading pairs your major broker may support. The more popular pairs are less volatile where you will make “at best” mediocre results. You also want to make consistent results don’t you?? That is instead of giving it back to the market nor just simply guessing.


It is a shame that retail traders cannot trade in parallel like this but no human can. Also, no single threaded popular retail trading nor cloud platform can do this neither. Oh about cloud, forget it unless you want to mortgage your future away!! It would be that expensive with one of those cloud providers like AWS or Azure!! It’s just not possible! But my software architecture I presented on Monday night shows it’s very possible. I will speak of this in more detail in tomorrow’s email.


This is just one of many examples of how trading like a human is going by the way of the dodo, how your broker holds you back, and the lack of knowledge where you can fully optimize your trading potential. Over the next few months, my Quant Elite Service will take full advantage of this. If it does work out, I will be scaling back all my payment offering options which means they won’t be so generous. For instance, this is the most generous possible:


Go here for immediate access before this is taken away


Learn more about current series which is part of my Quant Elite service


Thanks Bryan


P.S.  Thanks to Dan Pena, I am also learning that keeping offerings low means people won’t take what I offer all that serious neither.

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