101 Quant Formulae to Generate Trading Alpha

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2016)

I just posted a research paper from SSRN that consists of 101 formulas that can be used for Alpha in your trading. This is just another financial advanced term in saying bank over market benchmarks like S&P 500.

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Now, if you were smart in watching my hopeful and final software architecture video, you will quickly realize how you could streamline these simple algorithms for so-called alpha. Remember that there are over 100 of these. So it is just one of thousands of research papers out there that offer these kind of benefits. This is when I get really excited in the numerous potential ways to implement these sort of quant equations.


If you don’t know about my software architecture video, go here.


To add to that, I get more excited with the FX hidden gems that I’m learning. I’m actually going to implement a lot of this into my next generation algo trading system that I’m speaking of. I really don’t want you to miss the latest 4 videos that I’ve added to my YouTube channel. Because I can’t put these links in these type of emails, I really want you to sign up to my free daily digest.

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OK let’s get back on track… As said, there is nothing more exciting then to see all these ideas be implemented to this trading system. If you know about my last four videos, one of them spoke about the upcoming details I have for my Quant Elite membership. This will radically change on how we think as automated traders.

In fact, I’m pretty confident that all of this will work out for my three strategies that are being worked on. A lot of people don’t know this but all major asset classes are interlinked with each other. This enables you to not only find one opportunity in the markets, but you can scale out many opportunities from the root one.  That enables you to exponentially grow your trading account. Again as always, no human trader or trading operation can accomplish this. Why do you think I’m so excited about my future?

This will obviously impact my Quant Elite members

Especially those that are doing my Python algo trading course series


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