Questions on running an indie trading algo business

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2016)

More questions on running an indie trading algo business

From time to time,I get questions about my potential training and coarse series is I am currently doing. As you know, I like to make videos to condense everything into a visual that seems to be easier for people to consume. For the set of questions I get, I even typed up my answers as well.


You can check out both my video and answers here


As I make even more videos, you will notice that I’ve been focusing a lot on this Phase 2 of my Futures and Options trading algorithms. You can see a subset on my YouTube channel but I’m not promoting them on my blog. The reason is that these are exclusive for my Quant Elite members to learn from. The simple examples are very effective and lay down the foundation to understand how to listen to the markets for forecasting.

I’m still questioning on the performance complexities of machine learning and quantitative analysis at this point. Even if I’m wrong, the course material that I’m presenting will still be very very useful in understanding the foundations of how the market flows on a daily basis. It’s just too bad some miss out on the opportunities to learn these critical elements to help optimize their trading performance.


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