Pair trading arbitrage content getting posted today

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2016)

Pair trading arbitrage content getting posted today

Phase 1 of my ‘Algo Trading Business with Python’ is being compiled for all my Quant Elite members. This focuses on Pair Trading or Arbitrage in the world of equity including stock, ETF, indices, mutual funds, etc.

Entire course details here:

Python algo course series for your Indie Automated Trading Business

Content with LIVE Weekly presentations starting Tuesday May 10

  1. Europe government data
  2. American government data
  3. Hot market scanning
  4. Pick long and short
  5. Screening the watchlist
  6. Technical analysis
  7. Statistics
  8. Position management
  9. Risk with beta and implied volatility
  10. Kelly Criterion

More to be added in a future date. This is part of my video below

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