Windows 10 secret spins out of control

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2016)

Windows 10 secret spins out of control

I dumped Windows with the exception of my main PC to support my members who still sit on Windows. That support may come an end one day!


Firstly the Windows 10 EULA (end user licence agreement) which very few users ever read, gives Microsoft full legal rights to do this. Secondly Microsoft has made several attempts to stress that the telemetry and data tracking aspects to Windows 10 are essential to its ongoing maintenance and improvement….

Note: It is important to state Microsoft is far from alone in using telemetry from user operating systems, most notably Google GOOGL +0.17% has done this openly for years. Of course Microsoft has attacked this in the past running a two year global marketing campaign ‘Scroogled‘ which lambasted Google for the tracking in its products and services. 

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