Quandl interview a senior quant from hedge fund about designing trading strategy

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2016)

Quandl interviews a senior quant from hedge fund about designing trading strategy

Quandl, the data provider, has done a unique interview with a senior quant from a hedge fund. This person goes through the design process of a trading strategy IDEA which I’ve never seen before.


You may want to check it out here

Demo of Python IbPy with Interactive Brokers


As my original trading system architecture was to use Interactive Brokers outside of Python, I decided to try out a package called IbPy.  It seems to run OK considering that my IB account is in demo mode so there are some restrictions when it comes to the example source code.


I made a video on this here


Do you realize I have various options to interact with Interactive Brokers TWS also known as Trader Workstation?  For instance, I could use their example Java test client which would feed all my data on a message queue via a NoSQL database like Redis.


I have also demonstrated a way to connect into the Interactive Brokers gateway via their C++ POSIX API. Do remember that I am not on Windows so I would recommend the same when it comes to your live trading account.


These two examples I mention will not be part of my course preview but will be introduced at a later time as I approach my live trading in a production environment.

More details on my Algo Trading System Course 

I only have a few more Python scripts to develop before I start working on the new material on my Algo Trading course series. As I’ve introduced a video on the overall approach to it, I figure I will focus Phase 1 on the “building mechanics for an equity arbitrage or pair trading system.” The way it is looking, it will be 100% in Python using FREE open source technologies with simplification in mind.


To be honest, I’m hoping to post the actual course over the next few weeks. I will be scheduling do to live question-and-answer sessions starting in mid March. From the survey that I recently ran, it looks like Tuesday nights are what most people want between the hours of 6 PM to 9 PM Eastern Standard time.


Do remember all my existing Quant Elite members  will be able to reap all the benefits that I mentioned above.


I hope you can join these LIVE sessions


Thanks Brian

P.S. I have posted my ANNUAL DEAL again which will be ongoing during this course series. If you really want to benefit what is being presented, NOW is the time to join to take advantage of every single week of this starting over the next month!


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