Forex trading less valued at banks and hedge funds

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2016)

Forex trading less valued at banks and hedge funds

Currency also known as forex traders are being laid off at banks and hedge funds. The reason is that algorithms are replacing their capabilities as human traders.


Please read this article more for better industry details

Make Python as fast as open source Julia

Some may not know, but there is an open source language called Julia that is trying to be like Python but faster. It seems one of my followers better known as the NYC Contact sent me this.


Check here to see how you can speed up Julia

Discussion on the history of the Bank of Japan Meetup tonite


Lastly, Dr. Paul Cottrell did a 90 minute presentation on the history of the Bank of Japan. Other minor topics were discussed as well. The webinar was recorded so do check it out here.


I’m still struggling to get this Python script for position management on open positions for market exit potential. As a newbie. sometimes Python never cooperates when I want it to.


Once posted, I will have this available for all Quant Elite Members. 


Thanks for reading



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