Chat about Interactive Brokers Canada algo trading

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2016)

Chat about Interactive Brokers Canada algo trading

A chat with a new member in my Facebook group

Thanks for the add. I saw you’re a Canadian trader who does some coding so I’m definitely interested in following some of your work and videos.

Thanks for the interest so pls follow

will do, I’ve been trading for a long time but I’m fairly new to IB and have never used code before to trade but am definitely interested in learning more.

It can be switched when coding

I see some of your videos are older and you weren’t actually a member of IB, did you ever open a live account there and do you find it worthwhile using code to trade?

I just have a demo account for now so I will open account when over consistent profitable strats

for sure, lots of testing required before going live with anything

U need that before going live otherwise they charge for nothing

the Java API is free though right? Or you still using that or did you g with MatLab?

It’s all free but I focus on Python now

I hear good things about Python too. Lots of options though so I’ll start small and slow. Are you planning to do any Canadian trading, or just US?

Small is good. My new course could do Canada as well but there is little liquidity here

I like trading Canadian, less liquidity but I know the market here well. I don’t know if the same levels of data are available though to draw from either.

I do a lot with analyst opinions and sentiment but even IB doesn’t have as much of that for Canada. Anyways thanks for the chat, hope to learn a bit from some of your work. Have a good night

You need to develop your own software for analytics

I do maintain databases in Google docs, but right now just use them to guide my trading, still a long way from being able to convert those into an algorithm

My new course will cover database esp NOSQL MongoDB

I’ll have to look more into that then

Pls do I focus on MongoDB

ok I’ll look into it a bit more. Thanks again

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