Working virtualization demo of IQFeed on Windows with Shared folder

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2016)

Working virtualization demo of IQFeed on Windows with Shared folder

Have you had a Eureka moment? Sort of like when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity? Well yesterday, I have two videos which could change everything for me. As you know, I am running on a Mac OS X environment. As it stands the only market data provider I like honestly is IQFeed. I’m still waiting to hear back from Quandl on a variety of questions I asked them. For the price they charge on a monthly basis, it is pretty dismal customer service during the presale phase. That has been over a month now! People at IQFeed answer within hours.

Anyhow, the only difficulty I find with IQFeed is that they run on Windows only. Yes I did try using their Wine project option for both Linux and OS X but failed miserably due too incompatible Window programs. I have devised a simpler way to do it using VirtualBox in a virtualized Windows environment

Check out my video here

Demo of Download Euro Stat analyze Excel data in Python video playback

Also, I did a live weekly Meetup event last night debuting my Python script. You know, the one that downloads important Euro Stat economic data. It was a fairly detailed source code walk through that people seem to appreciate. I am also planning to use this as my role model for a good number of my scripts that I plan to develop. The unfortunate part is both that this video and the actual Python script source code are only available to my Quant Elite members.

People have been asking me about the monthly option so check it out here

But as some people religiously follow what I do, I would highly recommend to check out my annual special that really extends you for another 24 month of my access to my source code, live Meetup video playbacks, and courses.

Check out my Quant Elite annual membership details here

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