When will my Python algo trading course go live

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2016)

When will my Python algo trading course go live

This is a common question I’ve been getting more and more recently. People have been asking me about this new Python algorithmic based trading course I’ll be offering in coming weeks. As I think about it, I would consider it more like a course series with different chunks to help you establish:


Your own trading structure

A set of trading strategies that could do well for you

Metrics including risk management to keep you in the game


As I try to architect the icourseware of it, I did not realize the important elements of trading infrastructure.


There are so many other elements as well but check out this video I made to  help answer questions around this


Check out this video here


Because I want to have as many people come out to these to take full of advantage in my LIVE training, I’m trying to figure out the best deal but I think I already know. In the meantime all these courses will be made available to all my current Quant Elite members.


As you know, I do have other offerings that are much much more affordable. Personally I find this one with the steepest discounting.


Check it out here


It will pay for all your course material for the next three years. Now that’s what I call value!


As usual, thanks for reading,


PS. If you’re like me being excited on what will come out of this, you can be one of the first people to see my preview of of what this course series will entail. I will of course send out more details on this in coming days but you can check it out at my: YouTube channel


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