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* Bonus 1: How to use Hadoop and R for big data parallel processing

* Bonus 2: Intro to R statistic programming with many algos ready for use

This is the video to watch from someone who knows their R. Not only that but I have

personally gone over many R algos that could be used for trading deployment.

* Bonus 3: Tonnes of videos courses with code samples and walkthroughs

This is the bread and butter to help build foundation if you are new at software

development. Get complete video description here

* Bonus 4: Our Complete AK-47 Version 1Trading System with Matlab source code

This is the original system used for complete overview of many aspects at our arbitrage strat

with reports delivered in Excel and PDF. It is now being rewritten to be even better in

snappy C++! We also included the raw SQL dumps ready for open source PostGreSQL.

The second version is under development as we speak!

* Bonus 5: Early preview of our futures/option trading super system

If you have known me, this is the absolute #1 course I have ever done regarding

futures/options trading strategies. You know, that one from UC Davis. I have now

included the professor’s entire set of algos from his book. I plan to even get these

converted into C++ for the new AK-47 v2.

* Bonus 6: Complete math algos for high frequency trading

I even took a look at a legendary book to glean all possible algos to be used in HFT. One

day these will soon be implemented into this new C++ system being developed!

* Bonus 7: Complete PRIVATE FPGA overview videos

We have talked about Mr FPGA so he put on some private video presentations for the

group! Just so you know that FPGA is the absolute lowest latency possible when it comes

to HFT.

* Bonus 8: Our attempt at the World Famous Super Karen Strategy

This is easily Tasty Trader’s most popular video. We even took at stab it to piece together

a little self contained system for it. Are you ready to complete the job?

* Bonus 8: World class open source stock exchange simulators

To be honest, you would be completely wasting your time if you don’t do it this way. Stress

testing your strategy in a real live simulated stock exchange is more important. We got one

tool you should not live without otherwise you could be implementing a money losing strategy

without knowing. It may just fall flat where you waste all that time! Are you really that risky kind?

* Bonus 9 and Bonus 10: Dr Ernie Chan and the London Quant

Early ‘unknown’ video presentations by our friend Dr Ernie Chan with “Pitfalls of Backtesting…”

Don’t forget his discussion with the London Quant.  LQ is the absolute smartest and most

successful trader we ever encountered among the thousands who we have come across over the years

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