Screw China econometric data and Quandl?

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2016)

Screw China econometric data and Quandl?

After trying to download FREE data from China for PMI and other econometric, it seems I have no real incentive. With both FRED and Eurostats freely available, I see now have no reason to track China. With their government not to be trusted with their latest shenanigans wanted to be a free capitalist economies are now true morons. They will never achieve to be who they want to be. In fact, there is talk of them being booted out of their sought after SDR program. A a result, I am not going to kill myself.

There is also this site from the government:


Many don’t trust it. I am also not going to automate my system to have to login to get data. As said, FRED and Euro Stats is freely available with log in needed.

To add that Quandl the free data source does not appear to work anymore. I am using Python as instructed at their GitHub repo.


Using PyCharm, I now get this error:

  error = (“Unknown response ({r}). Please copy and paste the error output, and the file you are running, and email us at connect@quandl.com. We will help you fix your error ASAP.”.format(str(resp.status_code)))
KeyError: u’r’

It seems you need an API key which I always had so I plugged it in. As a result, it does not work as advertised. A bug? Or do I need to now pay?

As I try to download from


There is that dreaded:

Premium Data

View Database Pricing

Get Free Trial Access

Please create a Quandl account to get immediate trial access to this premium database.

I also sent out questions to Quandl over a month ago. No response. So they are not to be used as a ‘trusted’ source. $185 per month is pretty steep so I ain’t moving forward with it.

In summary, no China no Quandl. Let’s move onto the free source like FRED and Euro Stats as I have demoed before.

My search results of my Quandl videos:



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Here is that demo in Python for Euro Stats:

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