Robin Hood the dangerous stock broker

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2016)

Robin Hood most dangerous stock broker

What I’m about to talk about is going to surprise you. So I randomly watched another Tim Sykes video about his picks of brokers that are good and which ones are dangerous. The positive news is that he chooses Interactive Brokers. Yippee for that. His pick of the most dangerous broker is Robin Hood. The surprising thing is that popular Quantopian is really pushing their relationship with this broker. Now the question is to ask yourself why? I am not going to get into it but it is fair to say that you’ve been warned.


Go watch this video here


You really need to pay attention to see how Robin Hood has burned many people. Just go to YouTube to check out the comments of this video above.

Demo of Using Python to Connect to PostGreSQL trading database

As of yesterday’s email, I am happy to report that the Python script to highlight American econometric data is now posted for all my Quant Elite members.


I have now also followed up with a demonstration on how to use Python with open source PostGres database. Not only that, but I also showcase this trading database so I am about to use in this new trading system that I’m working on.


Go here to see that video


Note that there is a required video that you should watch before watching the recent one.


That is all


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