Math algos and machine learning keys to your success in trading

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2016)

Math algos and machine learning real keys to your success in trading

Many people need to understand what makes you really successful in trading to get that juicy lifestyle we all crave. Instead of following so-called “gurus”, it is quite foolish to follow these “lottery minded candlestick chart followers.” Over 90% of them get killed all the time. I had somebody query about this so I responded by my usual way in a video.


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As said over the coming weeks I will be hosting a new LIVE series in the building out of my new Python automated/algo trading system. I will be very excited to take live questions and answers during these sessions. These are only going to be available for my Quant Elite members. I’ll try not to put a limit on the number of people for this but I do expect small crowds for optimal experience for all involved. The important take away is I will probably only be doing this one time but I’ll let you know as I gear it up in the coming weeks. After my survey, I’m nailing down convenient times for all people who are employed and are busy on weekends. Thanks to those who responded.


In the meantime, please consider joining my annual membership which cost no more than your cellular phone bill on a monthly basis.


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I have lots to offer.


Thanks and hopefully I will see you on the other side



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