Machine learning AI view of David Aronson trading

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2016)

Machine learning AI view of David Aronson trading

I got this query from a newsletter subscriber:

Hi Bryan !!

Thanks very for those informations very useful enough i will run check that out  according to my expectation and i am totally agree with your point of View at the moment by saying that Candle sticks empirical Theory Observations is totally foolish , nowadays people are well educated and among Brilliant and Moderns Successful Traders hold PHD or Engineer in Maths or Scientific Computations , and that would make an essential difference rather than Boring and non Sense LOTTERY with Candle Sticks approximations feeling over the past few decades  so Bryan while i am talking to you about all of that good stuff indeed Python is Fantastic Tools for implementing Strong well controlled Algos and i will have a careful on your future videos and by the same time , i am suggesting to you to have look at THIS GREAT PIONEER OF TRADING THE FAMOUS DAVID ARONSON  he has a great experience over than 40 YEARS and if i do remember very well He holds a PHD on Mathematics and Statistic and the book which i  am recommending to you is about Machine Learning TRADING ALGORITHMs ,  it is quite well explained without too much details on Equations Maths but his purpose is going towards the REAL SITUATION understandable way , i found it recently and i should buy it shortly (AMAZON) , so take a look at it , i have seen some samples and i was impressed by his straightforward descriptions and above all he has its own Labs of Trading as well and subsequently it is a kind of PROOF OF CONCEPT and he does know perfectly well what is saying about that hot Topics according to his long and successful experiences , so i wish you good lecture and have a fantastic week end Bryan ,  we still keep in touch ok ,many thanks to you 

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