Introduction to Evolutionary Trading Framework

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2016)

Intro to Evolutionary Trading Framework

I was quite surprised to see how popular this video has become among all my readers. It is all about evolutionary learning which takes us outside of the normal realm of trading. In fact it seems to be on the fringes like machine learning which is yet to be proven over a length of time. Is this sort of video similar to machine learning? Do let me know.


Look up this video here


Screw China econometric data and Quandl?

So I have finished two Python scripts that focuses on both the US and Europe. I’m hoping you have seen both videos by now. So that leaves us to the next major region of the world which is China. Due to it being under a command and control economy, this is also another way of saying this is not true capitalism nor is it fully transparent. As a result I have no confidence in playing in the country until confidence can be built up from within. But could probably take decades so I’m not holding my breath.


Also I’d like to talk about market data, it seems that Quandl was thought to be reliable but in fact it seems all the important data is now being charged on a monthly basis. The actual cost makes it not feasible to consider on the monthly basis.


As a result, check out my other reasons for both China and Quandl here

Which time and day works best of LIVE learning automated trading

I also need to stress that in coming weeks I will be holding live webinar “classes” on building out this Python-based trading system. I am running a survey to find out what Day and time works best for most people but who may be interested in learning this live from me. This is critical you participate in order set a permanent time and day of week.


Go here for the survey


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