How does RenTech HFT firm keep its secret secretly?

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2016)

How does RenTech HFT firm keep its secret?

My latest video got some interesting comments regarding how Renaissance Technologies (RenTechP) keep all their secrets in place.
I did a little digging and revealed the following:

Check it out here

The power of algorithms and high-frequency trading in the world of Quant is so powerful it leaves any human trader behind. It is no 
longer valid to trade like a luddite. You either get  crushed by competing computerized algorithms or you will not be able to optimize 
Maximum pay off. Either way as a human trader, why waste your time? I don't have that kind of patience. Nor do I want to trade 
blindingly by just sheer guessing or listening to cousin Johnny.

Again as always, this is why I've built my Quant Elite membership for those that are new in joining this world. Personally I want all 
people to be able to achieve full advantage but still use simple programming and mathematical techniques for their optimal trading
potential. Not only that, I have created the most technically advanced membership of its kind as compared to  anything else online. 
Did you know I give you a very affordable rate annually but still give an extra two years?

Check out of here

Have a good one eh?  Take off EH?

Your trading Canuck friend,


P.S. Still interested? We can talk about this by getting details here.
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