FIX exchange environment using QuickFIX Java open source

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2016)

Demo of FIX exchange environment using QuickFIX Java open source

From time to time, I get an occasional article that surprisingly becomes popular for the day. This one article is such a case where it will demonstrate how to use open-source Quick FIX for any Java open source trading platform

Check out this video here

How to load market data into NOSQL MongoDB server with GUI

The last two days I have posted quite a few Python script tutorials. These include:

How to load data into no SQL Mongo DB server with GUI

Ultimate mother load Python packages list for quant trading

I have also included a 'safekeeping' posting for my Quant Elite members which includes those Yahoo Finance tags they use for their data service. Our favorite website in the last year was taken down by a Yahoo takedown request. This is one of the many many benefits I provide my Quant Elite members for their convenience

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