Algo trading in Columbia?

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2016)

Algo trading in Columbia?

Here is a nice conversation I had someone from my Meteup group:

At the same time i´m trading, i had been working for a CTA from Colombia, building the prop operation. In summary the project was recruit talented students from universities, and build relationships with the goverment. And it was carried out.


In Medellin, there is a lot of newbies traders, , and some of them are developing in Easy Language.

At the other side we have a huge network of Financial Labs at universities.

Even i build a relationship between one of them and TradeStation ( TradeStation Academic Program.).

but the point is this.

after 5 year trading by myself in a discretionary way, and working with CTA and Universities, finally i understood everything you show in your videos, about

Trading is Technology

Research and Development., and then this year i beginning learning about Python, C#, Data Science, Machine Learning and strong my math skills.

that´s my personal project, and then i knew you community

but at the same time , i want to help local universities with this field, about research and development that is the real job.

not trading, no gurus,

here, we have great universities, with infraestrucuture, and the goverment is backing projects about Science, Technology and Innovation, and I´m sure Algorithmic Trading is a great opportunity to build a new local sector to our economy.

my question is

how can i take advantage of your community to figure out how to carry out a local project to promote this kind of knowledge here.

I have a simple membership for my trading community plus i will have courses

do you have experience with University Projects?.

in summary how build research and development of quant models

i just posted these


Intro to my Python algo trading course series

Intro to most effective programming language to help build out your trading business and algo trading with quant analysis




Algo Financial market analysis for trading edge does matter

Quick snapshot on how we do this by leveraging our community http://quantlabs.net/membership.htm



also i have lots of uni students who do come to me but the first video will cover that

let me know if this suffices.


About your videos, so cool!!!1

in general all videos post by you, are cool.


do you know lucenaresearch

Tucker Balch

not familiar with this

i´m taking his courses.

but, is better the free resources you post

free is always good

but thanks

much better.



then, let me study all information you have, and i´m going to review to pay for the membership.

if you have some idea for the project i have to present to the university, just let me know.

i will be in touch.

thank you so much!, good job!!!!

Hey, sorry.. I trying to found the video you posted about best programming language for trading, you have 2 versions. I saw it in meet up group. Could you please remember to me the link.

you should be able to find what you are looking here at https://www.youtube.com/user/quantlabs/search?query=programming

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