Running Qt Designer with Python pyqtgraph

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2015)

Running Qt Designer with Python pyqtgraph

Here are more notes on how to get this powerful combo running with a GUI builder including a powerful plot. This can be done


Running Qt Designer
When you pyqt, it is installed as well but you will find it in a strange spot

find /Users -name Designer*

found in /Users/quantlabsnet/Qt/5.5/clang_64/bin/Designer.app

Convert .ui file to .py with
pyuic4 -x testDesigner.ui -o testDesigner.py

To use pyqtgraph ‘element’, follow
and another approach

The VideoSpeedTest and ScatterPlotSpeedTest examples in pyqtgraph both use .ui files that were compiled using the tools/rebuildUi.py script (which just calls pyuic4

Note that there is also exampleLoaderTemplate.ui and exampleLoaderTemplate_pyside.py
but pyside package is needed

pip install -U PySide

You may need cmake: brew install cmake

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