Quant math for any unprofitable trader

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2015)

Quant math for idiots

Is there any dummy book series for a Quant wannabe? You know there’s a thing called Khan Academy where I spent four months learning all the applicable math that you need to know about Quant. As I have recently joined the world of Apple, a lot of people don’t know that the iTunes U app is very useful for learning math and other educational material. It is of course free. So if you learn like a kid in terms of math, one day you can be a Quant too. In fact, there are Ivy League university open courses available as well.


 Go here to get some sample math junior level courses

Highstock Highchart exists for iPad iOS support


As I hinted a few weeks ago about HighCharts JavaScript/Python library, you can get some pretty slick graphics for your trading application. As you know, I am looking for the cheapest but yet most productive way of deploying onto iOS apps.


Go here to find out what I learn


As always, I posted many articles yesterday regarding Apple and iOS technologies that you would’ve missed if you had joined my Daily Digest.


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As I mentioned before, I spent four months learning Khan Academy math lessons. Did you know I posted all of these in my Quant Elite membership?


Go here for me to get access


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